Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to keepin' it real

...i told you i'd be back. these past few months have been the hardest months of school i have ever experienced. but i survived and im back. however, this time its going to be different.

ive blogged about being true to yourself in the past. thats how i chose to blog this time around. true to myself. its not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. i can be a bit witty at times. just a little. some may even call me a pistol. i promise to be polite. afterall my mother taught me manners.

I do need you to keep one very important thing in mind. This is not your average blog. I cannot cook. I am not currently traveling the world.I do not have a child, nor am I pregnant. I do not do crafts. I do not have a creative bone in my body nor do I have words of wisdom on any of those topics. But do not fret my dears! I can still tickle your funny bone! I am corny as all get out. Did I really just say that?

so i invite all of you to come back and enjoy me truly "get real". pistol whippin' and all.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Santa,

I just realized Christmas Eve is 3 weeks from today. THREE FREAKING WEEKS! I dont have one single gift for anyone yet - nor do I even know what I am getting people. To be honest, I dont even know WHO I am buying gifts for! Regardless, my mom found a way to slip her *wish list* in my purse the other morning. Such a diva.

I on the other hand, just now decided what I want for Christmas. So Santa, I hope your listening...

1. Membership to American Counseling Association paid for. Yeah I said it. My dues please. Approx $91. Oh what the heck - throw in my renewal membership to American School Counselor Association which expires in January.

2. Textbooks for next semester.

3. Resources/books for my cute little bookcase Ill hopefully have in my office when I get my big girl job this year.

4. Fancy little zip up notebook carryer thing. I don't know. Basically I want to look professional when I carry my papers covered in my chicken scratch.

5. A thesaurus. Cough, cough - Santa please tell SAMMY thats her job...
We all know I need to expand my vocabulary. I dont want to spend my life writing college letters of recommendation writing the same three words... "hardworking, dedicated, and driven".

6. A gas card. Work, internship and classes? My gas tank and bank account currently despise me.

7. A mini fridge for my CAR. Im living in it. Be nice to be able to have a meal in the process.

8. Starbucks card. My current life line.

9. A car wash. I spend so much time in the darn thing I might as well get the gigantic red writing "187" cleaned off my windows...

10. and Time. I want more time. I want time to ENJOY such a wonderful time of year. I want to be able to look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music. Not sleeping in my car from one job to the next.

So you listen up Santa! Press pause. Or give me a huge snow day so I can sit at home in my Redskins pjs and enjoy the moment.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Defining oneself

How do you define define?

To me its description, relation, explanation - etc. How do you define yourself? For some odd reason I have been thinking about how I define myself a lot recently. Maybe its the fact that Im very much stuck in my mid-twenties. Regardless, I have been defining myself in various ways. I have defined myself by my education. I am not married, nor am I anywhere close to that point. I do not have children. I am not in my career. My education is who I am. I am not the wife, the mother, or the career woman - etc. I am the forever student who is married to her education, gave birth to her education, and who works her tail off for it.

Up until yesterday I defined myself by my education.

I was talking with my boyfriend and I asked how he defined himself. His answer was unbelievable. He didnt define his "roles" in life. More so defined his personalty traits. I told him my definition of myself. "My education defines me" I said. He looked at me like I was crazy. He told me how he would define me. It really made me think.

So now as I sit at this computer with piles of school paper next to me, a work phone ringing off the hook, and a to do list like you have never seen before, I realize that school does not define me. It is very very important to me. At this point in my education I pretty much sleep and breathe it. But it is not who I am. It is helping me to become who I will be. So Im still thinking of ways to define me. But I will say freaking fierce.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Embracing your flaws

First thing is first. Embrace your flaws. In order to be happy, successful, - and most importantly FIERCE - you have to know your flaws and love them. Love them to the point that they no longer become the burden of the flaw.

To prove my point, I will put a few of them out there. Oh yes, the only child is showing ownership! Remember this day - because I dont do it too often...

1. I am always late. I have accepted this a long time ago. I am late to everything I do. Do not take it personally. It is not you. Its me. Gosh, I felt like we just broke up. But really, Im late. If im on time - something is wrong.

2. I take on TOO much. I commit to too many jobs, tasks, plans, assignments, meetings, clubs, organizations, and positions.

3. I dont get enough sleep. That girl in the starbucks parking lot you see sleeping before she goes in to get her 3rd cup of coffee? Yeah - thats me.

4. I have newly discovered that I have road rage. Its pretty bad. Im pretty sure it will get me in big trouble one day.

5. I cannot spell and I my grammar is terrible. Thank God for spell-check.

6. I am the mouthy Redskins fan. I embrace the hell out of this. Its not a flaw to be a Redskins fan by any means. But the mouth and the amount of talking I do is pretty unladylike.

7. I am 100% addicted to my blackberry. I will lie right to your face about my addiction - but its pretty bad.

8. If I didnt write it down I will forget it.

9. I have a hard time telling people how I feel. My gut - my honest feelings. You will probably never know. Unless your name is sam. Then I crush you all the time :)

10. THIS THIS THIS! read this! this is trueee! love love loveeee!

...and for those of you who cant embrace your own flaws - or mine. Well then take a slice of this...

An Ode to The Core

...the people have spoken. A lot. Bring back the blog! Alright. Here goes nothing. No pressure or anything, right?

Let me start by saying that I dedicate this to the core. What is the core? Ah, I thought you'd never ask...

The core. Well - my verision of the core is the core group of people in your life. They can be made up of a variety of different people - and by any means do not have to be apart of the same circles. My core is of a variety of ages, genders, races, and even gingers (yes - you gingers I consider you a breed of your own). Bringing together the core is a rarity, and I don't know if I have ever 100% successfully accomplished such a task. To be honest, I don't think my core could all sit in the same room together and love each other as much as I love each of them. Would my OCSer blend with my little emo nugget? It would be hard to say. Each of them has impacted me in a way they will probably never know - taught me a lesson about life or myself - that no one else could have. Are all of my friends apart of my core? No. That wouldn't make sense. Core can be defined as the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. If everyone was defined this way then it would lose its meaning. I would never shout from the rooftops who my core is. I dont want to hurt anyone or make anyone's head already bigger than it is ;) But I will say one thing - its a fierce title to have - and by god - get real with your own core.

Thats my core. You define your core. And sometimes, your core defines you.

Okay, so I had to get a little emo to start with. But I have a few topics of my sleeve that are pretty "real". So prepare yourselves - and don't say I didn't warn you. After all - this is an ode to getting real...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Life: I Embody The OCS Person

Ahhh OCS, otherwise known as the infamous only child syndrome. You all know someone, who has OCS. As soon as you realize that they are an only child, everything becomes crystal clear to you. Ah yes, you say...thats why.

The OCS individual is constantly criticized, so I would like to clear the air for my fellow only list form (of course)

1. We get what we want. Yes we do. BUT, we work hard for it. We deserve what we get. We get nice things, but remember its because we worked our tails off for it. We believe in the finer things in life, and we KNOW we deserve them.

2. We are spoiled by others around us. Lets be serious here. How can we help it if OTHERS spoil us? Haha, that sounded ridic - but really, we dont beg for things. We just get them. Maybe its peoples way of making up for the fact that it is "just us" in this world - no siblings to share with or to lean on.

3. We have to know EVERY DETAIL of EVERYTHING. We are going to dinner? WHERE? WHAT TIME? and the infamous...WHO IS GOING TO BE THERE? Alright, I have no defense in this. Seeing it written out makes me realize it is a bit silly.

4. Our values tend to be different than our peers. Sometimes we are seen in a negative light because of this. Work is very important...we do whatever it takes to get there and to get far. Friends are important as well as family. However, not in the way that our peers view.

5. We have learned to trust in ourselves. We have been burned. A lot. We dont have the support of siblings with family issues. We dont have the sibling you can tell anything to, that will be there no.matter.what. We have ourselves. It may sound sad, but hey - we are used to it.

6. We want the best for others around us. Compulsive people pleasers. At times can can backfire. It can be irritating to others, and hard on ourselves. People can take advantage, or not like being cared for in sometimes an "over the top" manner.

7. We LOVE our online time. We grew up alone, and are used to that. Never had to share our rooms with someone else. Alone time is crucial for us to recharge.

Next time you say "gosh he/she is SUCH an only child"...remember thats not always a bad thing. We are just misunderstood. Things are not GIVEN to us. Things dont just fall into our laps. We learned to be successful in order to get what we want.
We arent rubbing that success in others faces. We care about our fiends, family and even sometimes our foes more than we care about our own well-being. If I were you, I would give your little OCS sufferer a big fat kiss next time to see them, and remind them how fierce they really are :)

Here is me & my FAV fellow OCS sufferer

Friday, April 30, 2010

Here's to you rudey rude!

My day started off wonderful. I had a fantastic night, and a gorgeous morning to wake up to. Its my beautiful mother's birthday today, so I was looking forward to celebrating with her tonight. Work has been great and the coffee has been extra delicious. Lets face it, the coffee is always delicious.

One hour before I get off work! Glorious. Cannot wait to ride home with the windows down and blast my music. I may even do a little jig as I cruise down 270. I dont even care if I hit traffic. Thats how fantastic my mood is.

Then you call. You little rudey rude. Nasty person. I didn't realize just because you were miserable you had to make everyone else around you suffer as well. Is it your expensive lifestyle that makes you feel the need to be nasty to those around you? You called three times and were totally hid all three times. I will tell you right now that I will not allow your rudeness to ruin my day.

So as you sit at home miserable with stupid hair and a cold heart I will be cruising down 270 in traffic perfectly content in my non-fancy car.

The moral of the story? Next time I would suggest being nice to the receptionist if you want an appointment. Otherwise, I can add you to our pretty extensive waiting list ;)

Here's to you rudey rude!